7-27-17 Muddy’s Card pull of the Week


Trail Camera Card Pull of the Week #3 

Every Thursday we bring you our card pull of the week presented by Monster Meal deer attractants! Card pull of the Week features the Trophy Pursuit team and the Muddy Pro Cams. Muddy trail cameras, the Pro Cam 10 and Pro Cam 12, are loaded with features and make for the ideal trail camera to invest in. This show is all about setting these cameras up, and the great quality of pictures and intel as a result. For the third installment of Card Pull of the Week, Blake Lefler pulls trail camera cards on a farm and finds a familiar face!  

A main frame 10 last year has turned into a 6 X 5 with some great mass this year. This gives Blake high hopes that his food plot efforts were not in vain as there is most definitely a buck worthy of making it on the hit-list.  

The Muddy Pro-Cam 12 trail cameras are loaded with features, 12 Megapixels of clarity and 1280 HD video with sound. The backlit LCD screen makes this trail camera settings easy to see and navigate any time of day. Muddy’s Pro-Cam 12’s also run off of 6 AA battery this should give you about 10,000 Images. You also have the option to run a 12V alternate power source. Utilizing 36 infrared LEDs the flash projects light for over 70 feet. The body of this trail camera is made from a non-reflective molded ABS waterproof housing that can resist temperature as low as -10°F and up to 140°F.  


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