To say that I’m very proud of my wife would be an understatement.  On Sunday evening, after years of learning, trial and error, ups and downs, Alex was able to harvest the biggest whitetail of her life.  We called this buck ‘Level B’, and two years of history made this one really special for us.  Sheds, trail camera photos, a few encounters, and velvet footage makes this a fun story to share.  Be sure to check into Trophy Pursuit in the near future to watch the episode.  The best is yet to come, and the team is off to a good start:  Tagged Out Journal

This photo is three minutes before Alex made a perfect shot.  As you can tell, he really loved the Arrow Seed Brassica plot.
‘Level B’ gross scored 169 1/8 as a 5 year old.
Muddy Bull box blinds are 100% a game changer. You can have deer 360 degrees around you, and as long as you leave the windows closed they will not smell you. We’ve been able to get away with more than we ever imagined using these box blinds.


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