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White Gold Series

The months of February and March make up shed season. Deer hunters across the country will once again hit the woods in search of shed antlers…prized possessions among hunting enthusiasts. During this time, shed hunters search for and gravitate towards quality and enjoyable information and content. The premise behind the series? To provide the outdoorsman or woman with quality content and authoritative information on the topic. With deer hunting expertsprofessional deer and wildlife biologists, writers, videographers, and editors on staff, The Buck Advisors are prepped to bring you this requested information.


  • When do deer shed their antlers?
  • How and why do deer shed?
  • Where are the top places to find sheds?


Are you looking for these answers?


The when is more important than the where! A look into the life of a deer during the these hard winter months, opening up and examining their internal computer, and presenting the facts and science of the shedding and antler casting process. This science released and explained to give you the most factual and enjoyable presentation of the “when”. Letting you know when to start searching for sheds on your hunting property.

Information on the top places to shed hunt, sure “miles=piles” but spend your time and effort in the places with the highest chance of success. Experts will share with you the best and worst places to look for sheds. Nearly every deer and shed hunter knows the best places to find them, but we reveal the information and reasons behind the “where” how the deer’s biology and needs for this time frame focuses deer to those points.


In addition to these topics the series will take you alongside experts revealing much more than just when, where, why, and how. Anything and everything shed hunting is expected to be revealed in the series, scoring sheds, trail camera tactics, shed hunting tips and tactics, food plot tactics, antler traps, personal shed hunting trips and stories from the experts and much, much, more.

With this ground breaking series, The Buck Advisors are proud to bring you the information to support and bring their main statement “We are your guide to success” to an entirely different level.


Incase you missed it, Trail Cameras Weekly is a weekly series from the Buck Advisors taking you through the entire deer season. The series focuses on the how, when, why, and where of trail cameras throughout the season. Check out the weekly episodes here!


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