Hallowed Ground: Iowa, Week 2 | Experiencing the October Lull


Experiencing the October Lull | Iowa, Week 2

In this Hallowed Ground Episode, Joe Sir gives us a breakdown of his “week 2” of hunting in Iowa. Like the other weekly web shows on Muddy TV, Joe seemed to experience what many refer to as the October Lull.

What was good movement as far as deer hunting is concerned in the first weeks of October has now been replaced with frustration and disappointment. So many factors like food sources, weather fluctuations, and hunting pressure come together to result in the October lull. This slow movement and lack of opportunity cause hunters to pack it in for the week and wait for late October to begin bow hunting.

One thing about the October Lull that is a positive, is that it varies across different properties. Deer still move during this time, the trick is finding them. While Joe might have had a slow week, Max Akerman witnessed great movement over a food source, including several does and a few big bucks! This is common during the October lull. One property experiences very slow movement, while another property shows great movement. Again this is due to the variability across properties due to each one’s specific situation. While one property might have received tremendous hunting pressure, and had crops harvested around it (wiping out the food source), resulting in a downturn in movement, another property could have crops up still, with little to no hunting pressure causing deer movement and patterns to stay “natural”.

Again, the October lull can vary so much across properties that it is better to gain knowledge of what to look for rather than hunt in the wrong spots or worse yet waste precious “vacation” or “sick” days. Educate yourself on the October lull by reading Hunting the October Lull | Tips and Strategies for Whitetails on the Muddy Blog.

For more deer hunting videos and weekly hunting, web shows like this visit Muddy TV. Also be sure to check in every week for new hunting tips, tactics, and strategies at Muddy’s Blog.


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