Hallowed Ground Outdoors| Rut Hunting Update


Rut Hunting Update from Hallowed Ground Outdoors

In this episode of Hallowed Ground Outdoors, Joe Sir discusses November rut hunting and the very successful season thus far. The Hallowed Ground Outdoors team has been extremely successful this year. Not only in Colorado, but back in the Midwest as well.

Joe Sir killed his number 1 hit-list buck that he has been after for 2 years. Following a hit-list buck over several years and finally connecting is a feat many hunters feel is one of the most rewarding opportunities in life. Be sure to check back in to see the latest update on Joe’s buck.

Without tags left until the late season, Joe and the team are preparing several tree stands to hang. Some cold fronts are passing through, bringing nasty weather with them. The team plans on taking advantage of the weather and getting ready for the late season. This means identifying good locations for several hang-on tree stands. By taking the time to strategically place the sets in accordance to late season strategies, the team can optimize their chances for late season success. By performing these tasks during bad weather the team can keep as low as an impact as possible on the property. The weather allows them to slip in and out with the addition of not adding human pressure on the property.

Muddy The Vantage Point Hang-on Tree Stand

Also on this episode Eric Pritz and Max Akerman shoot several does leading up to an encounter with a hit-list buck. Eric connects on a great buck during the rut.

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