Hallowed Ground S1 E2, “Getting Ready for Opening Day” | Deer Stands


Favorite Deer Stands and Killing Trees

Joe Sir is out hanging deer stands in preparation and anticipation for the 2016-2017 deer season. Joe discusses that every deer hunter has a favorite deer stand, or over time, develops his/her own killing tree. The killing tree is a deer stand location that, no matter the circumstances of the year, the season, the wind, or the weather is a go-to place to kill bucks. These tree stand locations develop from continued success year after year.

Muddy The Vantage Point Hang-on Tree Stand

Joe Sir shares what deer stands are his favorites including his killing tree. He shares one of his worst November hunts out of the killing tree. This reiterates the fact that a “killing tree” deer stand location can always be trusted. Just when Joe thought to call it a day, the killing tree again proved to hold true.

Learn more about deer stands here: Tree Stand Hunting Preparation and Tips – “There are a few things you can do this season to make your tree stands for hunting even better. Generally, you can do so through mechanical means or behavioral changes. Let’s look at some ways you can make your tree stand hunting more effective.”


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