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Hunting Food Plots In The Late Season

The Trophy Pursuit team had an unbelievable late season this year. With the both the Muddy Bull box blinds and Arrow Seed food plots working together, it comes to no surprise that this week’s episode features another giant taken in the late season. In this episode, Tayler Riggen connects while hunting food plots in the late season!

The story of the “Heavy-Weight 8” draws back from 2015 where the first pictures were taken. With sheds in hand, Tayler looked forward to the 2016-2017 deer season. With cold fronts passing through in December, and late season food plots present, Tayler knew it was just a matter of time until he connected. With a combination of both standing beans and brassicas present, the stage was set for a successful hunt!


Hunting food plots in the late season draws off both deer’s behavior and cravings, but also the ability of a food plot to pull deer in! When the temperature drops in a December cold front, the deer will be on their feet! Late season deer hunting often requires patience to stay off these food sources until the right time, keeping the pressure low until an opportunity presents itself.

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