Trail Cameras Weekly “Week 7” | Hunting The Rut Lockdown


Hunting The Rut Lockdown

On this episode of Trail Cameras Weekly, Weston Schrank discusses hunting the rut lockdown and Jeremy Flinn capitalizes on a rut lockdown opportunity. November deer activity has been increasing up to this point in the rut. Bucks were moving, chasing, and dogging does and mature bucks made mistakes that could have cost them big. However, as we approach “Week 7” November 14-20, movement stops…

Remember, trail camera tactics for this week remain roughly the same as week 5. Watch Trail Cameras Weekly “Week 5” Trail Camera Tips for the Rut to see where to put your cameras.

It is called the lockdown phase of the rut. Peak breeding occurs in the Midwest around the dates of 14-18th when the majority of does come in forcing both mature and most other bucks to be lockdown with a hot doe. They can be locked down for the entire duration of a doe’s estrus, meaning zero movements. During this time it is not uncommon to see a buck and doe held up in unusual places such as islands, under cedar or pine trees, in backyards, or in very thick cover. The buck will not leave the doe’s side until she comes out.
Should you still hunt? Absolutely! Hunting the rut lockdown means that on any day and at any time a buck can come off a doe. This means all day sits could prove successful. This also means bucks will desperately seek does once they come off a doe, and after peak breeding slows. Also know that during this time a doe can pull a buck anywhere at any time, meaning your rut hunting strategies and tactics like hunting funnels and bedding areas are still creating opportunities.

Rut Hunting 101 | Strategies, Tips, and Tactics

During this episode, Jeremy Flinn finds success in the mountains of Southwestern Pennsylvania. A young doe carrying a buck presents an opportunity for Jeremy. He capitalizes on this opportunity!

One takeaway from this hunt besides tips for hunting the rut lockdown is revisiting the tips for trail cameras during the rut. Several of Jeremy’s Muddy Trail Cameras simply did not show much movement on the property. However, knowing movements and activity are spaced out and erratic, Jeremy stuck with hunting great rut specific areas. Anything can happen in November, regardless of what your trail cameras show!

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