Late Season Transition | Hallowed Ground


Late Season Transition

On this episode of Hallowed Ground Outdoors, Joe Sir walks us through how the team prepares for the late season. This late season transition period is one of high anticipation. On this episode Joe discusses one of the most important aspects of the hunt, tree stand safety. This episode also brings you an intense hunt from Iowa as Nathan Gibson jumps on the board!

Without a doubt the number one most important part of hunting is safety. Coming back home to the family is your responsibility, enough to the point where you do not leave the ground without wearing hunting safety harnesses. When it comes to tree stand safety, there is no room for error, if there is…it life threatening. While you might read and watch countless videos on how to deer hunt or just of deer hunts themselves, some of the most important information and videos might actually be the ones that could save your life.

Muddy's Linemans Rope Safety Harness











It takes more than a hunting safety harness to keep safe in the stand. Not understanding tree stand safety beyond the harness is where most make the mistake. They wear their harness while hunting, they clip in once up in the tree, but they forget or do not have the equipment that can keep them safe all the way up to the seat of the stand. The most dangerous time of your hunt will be climbing up and down the tree stand. It doesn’t make sense to only be clipped in at the top of the stand, when you are just as high and in a more dangerous position to fall before and as you are clipping in. To stay safe during the entire hunt, from when your feet leave the ground until they return you need a safe-line.

Remember tree stand safety and these tips as your late season hunting starts! For more deer hunting videos and weekly hunting, web shows like this visit Muddy TV. Also be sure to check in every week for new hunting tips, tactics, and strategies at Muddy’s Blog.


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