Trophy Pursuit S5 Ep41 | Shed Hunting and Late Season Whitetail Hunting


Late Season Whitetail Hunting and Shed Hunting

On this week’s episode of Trophy Pursuit, Chris Dunkin walks you through how he plans on starting his shed hunting season. These tips are valuable as sheds are beginning to drop all across the Midwest! Also on this episode,  Marcus Branstad takes you along while late season whitetail hunting to witness the harvest of a late season brute!

The episode begins with Chris reviewing his plans for starting shed season. These plans include setting up Monster Meal feed pellets on a late season food sources with the Muddy Pro Cam 12s. This is to not only see which hit-list bucks survived the season, but also which bucks are still holding their headgear. Sheds have already and will begin to start falling across the Midwest within the upcoming weeks. To prepare, Chris already has set up his trail cameras and bait sites to keep track of the percentage of bucks that have shed on his property. Just after the hunt, Chris and the family quickly scan a bean field and find their first shed of the season

Muddy Trail Camera Pro-Cam12

The second part of the episode includes a late season whitetail hunt. Standing corn as a late season food source has an attraction that is hard to beat. The pull the standing corn gives to a hunter is something that a late season hunt can bet on. Marcus “goes all in” on a late season hunt that defines his season! Don’t miss the action on another late season giant taken by the Trophy Pursuit team!

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