Muddy Moment | Matt Drury Sets Up a New Muddy Bull Box Blind


Matt Drury Sets Up a New Muddy Bull Box Blind

Matt Drury finally drops the hammer on his farm. After years of not harvesting a buck, Matt gets serious about planting a ton of food plots and setting up new hunting locations. One of these locations happened to be perfect for a brand new Muddy Bull Box Blind.  

The location is a small clover kill plot in a bottom the deer transition in from bedding to larger food sources. Given that it is a bottom, the wind swirls in the food plot making it hard to hunt. The sealed Muddy Box Blind significantly cuts down on a hunter’s scent, virtually eliminating the chance to be busted by swirling winds in the plot.  

Fast forward to October and Matt is in the blind over the food plot in the pre-rut. A doe and small buck make their way into the plot. Both entered, fed, and left the plot without busting, letting Matt know that the box blind was in the right spot!

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