Muddy Moment #4 | Mark Drury Goes Mobile to Harvest a Monster!


Mark Drury’s Box Blind Hunting Strategy for Danger a 217” Buck!

When hunting a giant mature buck like “Danger” a 217 2/8” whitetail you have the need to become an advanced hunter. For Mark Drury, that is an easy task that comes naturally but what needed to be done in order to harvest this once in a lifetime buck was far from easy. This Muddy Moment from Drury Outdoors captures the hunting strategy behind the buck named “Danger”, but really it is a story behind the perfected use of the Muddy Bull Box Blind. In particular, this story captures how Mark Drury perfected the art of a mobile box blind hunting strategy!

Box blind hunting strategy often reaches the food plot and goes no further. A tower hunting blind sitting alone over a perfect and lush green food source, it seems a perfect setup to most hunters. While this works time and time again for many hunters, “Danger” had different plans. Based off of trail camera data from numerous cameras in and around danger’s core area, Mark Drury made a move. Mark identified the stand site that he needed to be at in order to kill this buck. However, the location revealed one significant problem. The trees in the area were small and did not present the option for hanging a tree stand. It also happened to be smack dab in the middle of Danger’s bedding area. This meant Mark had to get very creative.


Throwing the traditional box blind setup out the window, Mark devised an elevated sled design for his Muddy box blind. This sled would give mark the ability to be mobile, and slide the box blind into place. After the box blind was setup, and some Intel from a recent card pull, Mark went in for the kill.

Since the harvest of “Danger”, Mark has now perfected this mobile box blind setup. He now has the box blind fitted on a custom stand and mounted on top of a small utility trailer. This allows him to use the box blind wherever it might be needed. It also allows him to hunt with all of the advantages the box blinds offer over traditional mobile tree stand or ground blind setups. Learn more about box blind setups or the Muddy Bull Box Blind by clicking the link below!

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