Monster Meal Mineral Site Prep


    Monster Meal Mineral Site’s

    These mineral sites, sprinkled with Monster Meal Attractant, have the aroma of apples paired with a highly palatable natural attractant. This will have deer returning to the area. The mineral and vitamin content is designed to promote antler growth in bucks. This also helps to facilitate milk production in does. By having a Monster Meal Mineral Site on your property you will see an increase of deer activity so make sure to set up your Muddy Pro-Cam 12 to capture the action.

    When you prep your Monster Meal site, start by clearing off most of the vegetation on 3×3 ft area. Sprinkle your Monster Meal over the cleared area evenly and work into the soil. The Monster Meal will seep into the ground providing a mineral site that will attract the monsters in your area for seasons to come.

    Monster Meal Mineral Site


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