HGO Season 7 Episode 1 Montana


HGO 7.1 | Montana Early Season Velvet Whitetails

For the first episode of Hallowed ground Outdoors, season 7, Joe Sir heads back to Montana for some early season velvet whitetail action! A slight tag complication forces Joe to settle with shooting does for the first day. Day two, brought some less desirable weather but the deer were still moving! As day three approached, the pressure built. The end of the week and the end of the hunt started to approach, something that will always panic any hunter.

Muddy Boss Hawg Ladder Stand


Day three brought a new view and new hope as the weather started to cooperate. The ladder stand’s location was a bit unconventional as it only sat around 100 yards from the road, but big bucks had been witnessed utilizing the staging area. As the started to fade a stopping car signaled Joe to look up and notice bucks approaching the stand. Some quick communication permitted a last minute shot. The blood trail was questionable so Joe decided to wait until morning and for more help to arrive. A long track job and persistent grid searching revealed Joe’s buck and a great trip in the books for Hallowed Ground Outdoors’ decorated past!


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