Muddy Moment #1 | Terry Drury’s Giant Box Blind Bow Harvest


Box Blind Hunting |Successful Bow Hunting Out of Box Blinds

On this Muddy Moment, we ride shotgun with Terry Drury as he attempts bow hunting success out of a Muddy Bull Box Blind. This hunt has as properly been dubbed the “box blind shuffle”. Terry’s harvest of a 164” buck out of a box blind clearly shows how the wide open space inside a Muddy Bull Box Blind works well with bow hunting. As the buck works a mock scrape within bow range Terry is able to “shuffle” into position. The tactical vertical windows on the corners of the box blind allows for optimal shot opportunities when bow hunting. The reward for a well-placed box blind, and the right choice in terms of size and quality landed Terry a giant!

The Muddy Bull Box Blind

The Muddy Bull box blind is the ultimate deer hunting box blind. With well thought out feature driven designs and construction, this box blind not only offers optimal hunting opportunities but also a product that will hold up each and every deer season. Check out why this box blind is the choice for the Drury’s!

  • Insulated Design provides Thermal, Scent, AND Noise Control!
  • Solid Floor and Heavy Duty Roof
  • EZ One-Hand Window Design
  • Ultra-Quiet Window Latches
  • Large Interior
  • Durable Carpet
  • 1 Shelf for Comfort and Organization
  • Drink Holder and Cubby Box Included
  • Molded Threaded Inserts Included in Each Shelf for Accessory use
  • Full-Size Door, with Lockable keyed entry


  • CONSTRUCTION: Floor: Joist and Sheeting, Walls: Therma-Tek Panels, Roof: Heavy-Duty Rotational Moded Plastic;
  • BLIND: 6′ Square x 6.5′ Tall;
  • DOOR: 29″ Wide x 69″ Tall;
  • WINDOWS: Wall: 33″ Wide x 13″ Tall, Corner: 12″ Wide x 42″ Tall, Door: 13″ Wide x 33″ Tall

Be sure to check in again real soon to see another Muddy Moment brought to you by Drury Outdoors. Also, be sure to share your story with #muddymoment !


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