Muddy Moment #2 | Mark Drury’s Gnarly Encounter with Mother Nature’s Finest!


Box Blind Hunting | Mark Drury’s Encounter With a Giant!

On this Muddy Moment, we ride shotgun with Mark Drury as he hunts out of a Muddy Bull Box Blind. This particular buck is the “hit-lister” of all “hit-listers”. A late October afternoon bow hunt in a box blind is not expected for an encounter with a mature buck, but with an October cold front on the way, anything could happen.

Mark spends a lot of man hours picking apart a hunting property in order to dial in on one specific buck. From using trail cameras to summer velvet scouting, Mark uses as many tools as possible to close the distance to his #1 hit-list buck. One of these tools is a Muddy Bull Box Blind. The box blinds ability to provide an elevated shooting platform where the height from a tree stand is not offered means that you can hunt anywhere. This box blind hunting tactic is explained perfectly as two box blinds set for different wind directions are placed on a property over standing corn and a pond. With this box blind hunting strategy, Mark is rewarded with an incredible encounter with a 6 ½-year-old buck named “Gnarls”.

Be sure to check in again real soon to see how the story progresses while hunting out of these box blinds. Also, be sure to share your story with #muddymoment !


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