Muddy Moment #3 | Taylor Drury Films Her First Buck Kill


Filming Hunts | Taylor Drury Films Mark Drury’s Hunt

Taylor Drury films her dad, Mark Drury, kill a buck out of a Muddy tree stand in the early season!  Mark explains that it is becoming increasingly common that they are not hunting out of tree stands. This is due to their food plot and hunting strategies based on their Muddy box blind placement. These hunts can be viewed on the two previous Muddy Moments.

On this #MuddyMoment Taylor Drury films her first buck ever. It also happens to be the first time she has witnessed her dad Mark Drury kill a buck in person, and on film! Filming hunts is no easy task but Taylor nails it! This is no doubt due to the rock solid platform of their tree stands, and smooth filming based on a Muddy camera arm.

Be sure to check in again real soon to see another Muddy Moment brought to you by Drury Outdoors. Also, be sure to share your story with #muddymoment!


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