Muddy Moment | Mark Drury’s Sister Gets Big Buck Redemption


Mark Drury’s Sister Gets Big Buck Redemption | Box Blind Hunt

Mark Drury and his sister Linda Lurk settle into a Muddy Bull Box Blind overlooking a fall food plot on a 97-acre property in Missouri. This particular hunt takes place out of one of the best rifle hunting setups you could ever imagine. This rifle hunting setup features two long shooting lanes over a brassica food plot. It also features some existing cover to calm the deer feeding in the plot and a water source in the form of a pond right next to the blind.  

Mark and Linda decide to hunt an all-day sit out of the blind. The property’s neighbor shows up and Mark invites him up as there is plenty of room in the Muddy Bull Blind. He is thoroughly impressed with the blind’s features and construction but is interrupted when a shooter shows up. Linda settles the crosshairs on the buck and makes a great shot.


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