Muddy Outfitter Hang-On Tree Stand


Muddy Outfitter Hang-On Tree Stand Description

The Muddy Outfitter Hang-on Tree Stand has a 34 inch by 24 inch platform, padded seat, and adjustable platform and seat. This hang-on tree stand’s features make it a great all around tree stand to rely on if you have multiple sets on a property.e Stand Specs

  • CONSTRUCTION: Steel, RS Tubing
  • FOOT PLATFORM: 24” Wide x 30” Deep, Fixed Footrest
  • SEAT SIZE: 21” Wide x 13” Deep
  • SEAT STYLE: 3″ Triplex Foam, Waterproof, Flips Back, Removable
  • SEAT HEIGHT: 21”
  • PACKABLE: Designed to Pack Together with Several Compatible Muddy Climbing Systems (sold separately)
  • BACKREST: Spring-Back Lumbar Support
  • FASTENERS: 1-2” Silent Slide Buckle Strap
  • STAND WEIGHT: 24 Lbs.
  • TREE SIZE: Minimum 9” Diameter
  • WEIGHT RATING: 300 Lbs.
  • HARNESS: Full Body Fall Arrest Harness Included

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