Muddy Pro-Cam 12 Trail Camera Review



Muddy Pro-Cam 12 Trail Camera Review

Chris Dunkin of Trophy Pursuit runs a Muddy Pro-Cam 12 trail camera review. Chris runs through the recent pictures and video he has received with the trail cameras

Muddy Pro-Cam12 Night trail camera review







The Muddy Pro-Cam 12 trail cameras are loaded with features, 12 Megapixels of clarity and 1280 HD video with sound. The backlit LCD screen makes this trail camera settings easy to see and navigate any time of day. This Muddy Pro-Cam 12 trail camera review also reveals that the trail cameras deliver some of the best trail photos out there a day or night the photos really speak for themselves. Muddy’s Pro-Cam 12’s also run off of 6 AA battery this should give you about 10,000 Images. You also have the option to run a 12V alternate power source. Utilizing 36 infrared LEDs the flash projects light for over 70 feet. The body of this trail camera is made from a non-reflective molded ABS waterproof housing that can resist temperature as low as -10°F and up to 140°F.


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