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Without a doubt the number one most important part of hunting is safety. Coming back home to the family is your responsibility, enough to the point where you do not leave the ground without wearing tree stand safety harnesses. When it comes to tree stand safety, there is no room for error, if there is…it life threatening. While you might read and watch countless videos on how to deer hunt or just of deer hunts themselves, some of the most important information and videos might actually be the ones that could save your life. Here is tree stand safety 101 a tree stand safety guide for getting into and out of the tree safely.

Please Read: Tree Stand Safety Guide

The absolute essentials of tree stand safety, besides being your own responsibility are hunting safety harnesses. A good hunting safety harness that hunters can rely on goes past safety. If you have hunted long enough, you know hunting from a tree stand can be a strain. Packing in gear, and more importantly extra clothes, and always tearing layers off or putting layers back on, it gets exhausting fast. Having a hunting safety harness that is not only safe, but comfortable for all day sits, and something that does not get in the way of taking off or putting on clothes is vital.

Safeuard Safety HarnessPRODUCT DESCRIPTION

  • Flexible Tether for 360° Movement
  • Quick & Easy to Put On
  • Super Light! Sized to Fit, no Extra Bulk Provides SUPREME COMFORT!
  • One-Hand Carabiner
  • Extremely Gear Friendly, Keeps Everything Within Reach
  • Extra Cushion for all Day Hunt


  • CONSTRUCTION: Light Weight Padded Nylon;
  • BUCKLES: Cam Leg Buckles;
  • WEIGHT: 1.9 Lbs.;
  • WEIGHT RATING: 300 Lbs.
  • INCLUDES EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO HUNT: Safeguard Harness, Lineman’s Rope, Tree Strap, Suspension Relief Strap, Carabiner


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