Muddy TV Launch | Hallowed Ground


    Hallowed Ground 2016 Muddy TV Launch


    Deer season is right around the corner, summer preparation is wrapping up! The Hallowed Ground Outdoors team has been busy hanging tree stands and trail cameras, setting up ground blinds and box blinds, and planting food plots. Excitement is at an all-time high, especially as we approach the 2016-2017 deer season in partnership with Muddy TV!

    This year the Hallowed Ground Outdoors team will bring semi-live and fresh content. This content will center on deer hunting, but more specifically product reviews, past hunts, and what we are focusing on during different parts of the season as they pass.

    About Hallowed Ground Outdoors

    Hallowed Ground Outdoors is the story about the roots of who we are as hunters. It’s the story about what drives us as outdoorsmen and where that passion takes us. When we step into the outdoors, we have the privilege of standing in the presence of God through the power and majesty of His creation. That makes hunting more than a sport or a hobby. It’s a calling to something greater. And that transforms the places that we stand into something more than a cropfield or a pasture or a mountain. It makes that place Hallowed Ground.


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