TP S5 E20, “Part:1 Summer Preparation for Deer Hunting”


Summer Preparation for Deer Hunting

Summer preparation for deer hunting is coming to a close. The Trophy Pursuit team has just a couple weeks left to finish up their projects. These projects include planting fall food plots, setting out Muddy trail cameras, and setting up tree stands and ground blinds. Chris Dunkin of Trophy Pursuit also discusses Muddy’s Bale Blind and its advantages over other bale blinds.

Chris explains that the Muddy Portable Bale Blind placement has been setup due to a combination of factors coming together. These include a newly established fall food plot, and recent trail camera information revealing many hit-list bucks in the area. The bale blind‘s ease of use, transport, and ability to keep deer pressure free has a lot of potential in this fall food plot.


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