Trophy Pursuit S5 E23, “The Hulk” | Patterning a Buck with Trail Cameras


On this episode of Trophy Pursuit, Trevor Justice describes his encounters and history with a buck he named Hulk. The Hulk is a massive mature buck that has eluded Trevor for 2 years. As deer season gets closer, Trevor finds himself placing out trail cameras in the hopped of patterning the buck he names hulk.


Patterning a buck with trail cameras is not as simple as just simply setting the camera up and turning it on. Some detailed work must be put into select the right location, the right site, set up the trail camera with the right settings, and all while not bumping the deer off their normal patterns.

During this time of year, patterning a buck with trail cameras is dependent upon how well you know the buck from previous years, how well you know the property, and how silent and scent free you can go in each time to the location.


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