Trophy Pursuit S5 E16, “Redemption” | Soybean Food Plots


Soybean Food Plots

When it comes to soybean food plots, the early season comes to mind. Lush soybean fields high in protein are perhaps a velvet bucks favorite food during the summer and early deer season. However soybean plots can also be key for hunters during the late season as well. Knowing this Chris and Tayler work on fencing off their soybean food plots in order to keep deer off. Allowing the fenced off soybean food plot to grow undamaged will help them to produce more pods and eventually create more food specifically for the late season.

Fencing off soybean food plots allows a hunter to “save” the beans for late season but can also be a very calculated move. Having a fence allows you to open up one side, or draw the deer into one side of a food plot, which can be a perfect opportunity to set up a ground blind, bale blind, or your tree stands.



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