The Eighth Day


Deer Hunting Update and DIY Elk Hunt


Watch the most recent episode of Trophy Pursuit. Today I check a few food plots in Iowa right before the season starts. For this deer hunting update, I am not only checking the progress of food plots and my hunting setups, but explaining some of the additions for this year’s season. Typically I film Alex Dunkin during the first week and we have had repeated success over the last few years. One particular food plot has become particularly effective. Realizing this we set up a Muddy Bull box blind. This will help us not only be more comfortable while hunting this plot, but also help with our scent control.

For the main part of the show join Jeff Riggen as he heads to Wyoming on a DIY elk hunt on public ground. Jeff had been waiting 11 years to draw this tag, and he made the most out of an opportunity at a big bull!

After the elk hunt, I show you another great setup that I am excited about for the upcoming Iowa bow season. This spot utilizes bale blindshang-on tree standsa food plot, and a food plot screen from Arrow Seed!


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