Trophy Pursuit S5 E12, “Finishing Strong” | Spring Food Plots


Spring Food Plots

Join Trophy Pursuit’s Chris Dunkin as he talks about spring food plots. Chris plans to plant spring food plots but also describes his plan to turn the spring food plot into a fall food plot with the Arrow Seed Brassica Plus Food Plot mix. This Arrow seeds mix of brassicas and Annual Ryegrass will provide a very sweet forage content after a period of frost. Adding the annual ryegrass provides early forage giving the brassicas time to establish. This mix makes a deadly irresistible kill plot.

Muddy VS360 Ground Blind

These spring food plots and the conversion into fall food plots also make the perfect place to install ground blinds, box blinds, or tree stands on. The ryegrass and brassicas will provide attraction during the entire fall.

Also on this episode of Trophy Pursuit, we follow along as Matt, Brad, Trevor, and other team members as they hunt turkeys through the woods and cornfields. Watch as they use the Muddy’s VS360 ground blind to close out on a great turkey season.


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