Trophy Pursuit S5 E18, “Late Season Success” | Late Season Deer Hunting


Late Season Deer Hunting

Late Season deer hunting is all about late season food sources. These include corn fields, standing beans, brassicas, and remnants of fall food plots. The rut has winded down, bucks have lost weight, and are in desperate need of late season food sources. This can be taken advantage of as Jesse Richard shows us in this hunting video.

The first buck harvested is over a cut corn field. This is a common late season food source encountered in the Midwest. With small wood lots not offering woody browse, deer have no other food sources to rely upon other than cut corn fields, or standing crops of any kind. Knowing this is key for the late season.

The second buck is harvested over major late season food sources. It has standing beans, oats, turnips, radishes, these are key food sources to key in on for late season deer hunting.

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