Trophy Pursuit S5 E30 “Heating Up” | Successful Hunts In Warm Temperatures


This week on Trophy Pursuit the team hunts in warm temperatures, resulting in very slow hunts, but some team members reach success! In this episode you see warm weather hunting strategies go to work as the team gets busy harvesting a doe, and two big bucks!

The strategy behind the team’s success this week was focusing on food sources and where the does would be. Cut agricultural fields, a common sight this time of year provides a staple food source during the rut. This food source draws does out for bedding areas into open areas, making these fields a hotspot for buck activity during the pre-rut and rut.

Hunts in warm temperature and warm weather usually result in slow to no movement, especially out of mature bucks. As the rut approaches deer activity during daylight will continue to increase. This means that even with warm temperatures, it is still absolutely worth going out and hunting during this time!

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