Trophy Pursuit S5 E32, “Sweet November” | November Peak Rut Hunting Success


November Peak Rut Hunting Success

On this week’s episode of Muddy’s Trophy Pursuit, The team makes the most of November peak rut hunting. The episode kicks off with Alex Dunkin harvesting a great Iowa buck on November 9th. We then join Jesse Richard on November 13th as he hunts the lockdown phase of the rut and finds success!

In both Alex’s hunt, and Jesse’s hunt success was found only after their trail cameras revealed vital information on their hit-list bucks whereabouts.


Trail cameras can be critical before the rut, during the rut, and after the rut. November peak rut hunting success can be achieved easier with the help of trail cameras, but only when trail cameras are used correctly during the rut.
In Muddy Outdoor’s recent blog Rut Hunting 101, some trail camera tips for the rut were given.

These tips included:

 Location: where the does will be (food sources, doe bedding areas, transition areas between food and bedding)

Setup: At a 45-degree angle from the run, trail, or funnel. High to avoid spooking bucks.

Settings: long video ( 1 minute +) or series of multiple photo bursts (6-8 ) with a short delay ( < 10 seconds.

The Trophy Pursuit team’s success greatly depends on their game cameras, this is important during the entire season. This episode goes to show that November peak rut hunting success can be achieved even when the deer activity itself can vary. The lockdown phase of the rut that Jesse experienced is now over, giving way to the Thanksgiving week. This last week of November could be your best last chance at a mature hit-list buck! Keep up-to-date with Muddy TV’s content each week to find out more strategies, tactics, and tips.

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