Trophy Pursuit S5 E19, “Velvet Season” | Scouting velvet bucks


Scouting velvet bucks

The plan for the year is to run trail cameras, hang tree stands, plant fall food plots and get everything in place and ready for deer season in the next 2-3 weeks. As we prepare for deer season, we are taking an active role to realize the importance of scouting velvet bucks. While the muddy trail cameras do a lot of work to help pattern mature velvet bucks, nothing beats putting your eyes through glass and watching them for yourself. Scouting velvet bucks can tell you where the bucks travel, what food sources they are hitting, and ultimately where to hang your tree stand on opening day.

Scouting velvet bucks with Muddy Trail Camera

Scouting velvet bucks can also tell you where key places are to plant fall food plots. Chris reveals this as he takes you along on his Iowa buck hunt. He hunts over a brassica field in the late season, and finds success. Learn more by reading How To Capture Velvet Bucks With Trail Cameras.

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