Trail Cameras Weekly “Week 8” | Hunting The Backside Of The Rut


Hunting the Backside of the Rut

On this episode of Trail Cameras Weekly, Weston Schrank dives into hunting the backside of the rut. Contrary to what most hunters believe this could be one of the best times to kill one of your mature hit-list bucks. To prove the point, we jump back to last year when a Thanksgiving week buck fell to tried and tested rut hunting strategies.


Late does, and does are just starting to come in, and the bucks that are experienced know that more does are coming in and it could benefit them to stay on their feet and keep checking areas with potential estrus does. This means sticking to your rut hunting strategies and tactics like hunting and focusing around bedding areas could produce results.

Also during this time, perfected deer calling like rattling and snort wheezing could still work. However, stay away from deer calls in areas with a lot of hunting pressure. Mature bucks in highly pressured areas will turn tail and run at the sound of a grunt or bleat call. In unpressured spots, a grunt or bleat or perfected rattling sequence could tell them a hot doe is in the area.

As the week progresses keep an eye on late season food sources. Late season food sources such as standing beans, standing corn, and brassicas will start receiving attention from bred does and young bucks that have worn themselves out early in the rut.

Mature bucks will start focusing on late season food sources later as we approach December and colder temps, but do not get ahead of yourself. For now, hunting the backside of the rut means stick with your rut hunting strategies, remember you trail camera tips for the rut, check cameras often, and grind it out until the end of the season.

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