Trail Cameras Weekly “Week 13” | Late Season Doe Management


Late Season Doe Management


On this episode of Trail Cameras Weekly, the season is wrapping up fast, leaving a common problem….empty freezers. It is time for some late season doe management! Why? Common sense tells you that several factors come together to force your hand in shooting a couple does on your hunting property.

Factors that Lead to Late Season Doe Management

Whether hunters practice doe management or not, a couple factors instantly lead to putting the thought into your head.

Empty Freezers

More often than not the number one factor that leads to doe management is an empty freezer haunting your stomach. The pressure is enormous! Holding out for a buck is no longer an option as the final weeks and days of the season close in around you.

The Pile Up Effect

When the temps drop, and the snow starts flying, late season food sources become your priority…and you quickly have seen why. Deer from seemingly the entire county start funneling into your bedding areas, food plots, and crop fields. If you have the cover and the food, without the pressure you will most definitely arrive at the pile up effect at some point or another.

Late Season Doe Management Curses

  • Button Bucks

    – are hefty now and if alone in a food source like they so often are, it can be hard to tell what you think is a doe actually has nubs on its head! In the late season, always be sure what you are shooting at is female if doe management is the goal.

  • Shed Bucks

    – In some instances you might start seeing bucks that have cast their antlers early. Several factors such as hormones and injury can lead to this.

Overall when late season doe management is your goal this week or next, be cautious of lone deer in fields as they can either be a button buck, or one of you hit-list bucks…unfortunately not sporting his “valuables”

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