Trail Cameras Weekly “Week 2” Oct 10th- 16th | October Cold Fronts and Acorns


Hunting October Cold Fronts and Acorns

It’s now coming around to the second week of October and is changing and has changed from last week’s episode. Just to catch you up on the latest, I discussed mock scrapes last week and how we used them to find our hit list buck Leroy on one of our properties, you witnessed some footage of Brett Moore and myself scouting that property heavily for trail camera sites and transition zones from bedding to food sources. Last weekend was opening day we went in after Leroy and the other hit list bucks on the farm based on the Intel of the mock scrapes in a transition zone from bedding to food, in this case, a large soybean field.


At the time beans were still a reliable early season food sources to target, but now this week or so they will abandon the yellowing fields or the pods will be to the point of being harvested. With this game-changing information this week, the dates of October 10th through the 16th, we are going to focus our attention on a different tactic…acorns.

Now right now in Indiana, we are experiencing a monsoon of white oak acorns falling from the trees. Oak flats and woods teaming with acorns, we have to adjust our trail camera strategy. Deer and more importantly bucks are seeking out and devouring white oak acorns in order to build carbs for what lies ahead. They prefer white oak acorns to the larger but bitter red oak acorns, but overall, the name of the game this week is movement! This makes our jobs as hunters a lot harder because they don’t have to move much for these food sources often times they can get up and eat all in the same acre worth of woods on the good years of acorn production.

Muddy Trail Camera Pro-Cam12The Strategy:

We are still going to use the mock scrape tactic as it will be a great attraction throughout October, but we are changing the location and strategy. Instead of between bedding and beans or Ag fields, or just by good runs, we are moving locations to oak flats.

Minimal Intel is a LOT of Intel, especially as October cold fronts move through the states getting deer on their feet! Just one or two trail camera photos or videos is enough to base a hunt on. October cold fronts are perhaps the number one guaranteed strategy to use right now as it has been proven to work not only on this web show but Hallowed Grounds, Trophy Pursuit, and especially with Whitetail 101 with Bill Winke.

So for this week take a good look at your oaks in the timber, if you have any, and the amount of acorns falling. Scout around to see what the foot traffic and deer sign looks like, and get some cameras in the area to locate the bucks as they change food sources. Next week’s topic will build from the tactic this week which again is trail cameras acorns, mock scrapes, and cold fronts….which is what you should rely on right before we take a drastic change that’s slowly creeping its way toward us.


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