Trophy Pursuit S5 E31, “The Chase is On” | Rut hunting


Just as rut hunting is, this episode is plum full of action. Three great whitetail bucks hit the dirt in this episode of trophy pursuit. Putting in time in the tree stand, mixed with solid well proven rut hunting strategies resulted in success for the Trophy Pursuit team.

The best rut hunting strategies and tactics focus around does. Doe bedding areas and funnels between bedding areas and food sources and bedding areas are the best places to catch either cruising bucks or chasing bucks.

As the season progresses further into November, you will start to see less chasing and cruising action. We are now entering the lockdown phase of the rut. Peak breeding occurs this week meaning mature bucks…your HIT-LIST bucks are going to be locked down with does! This unfortunately will create little to no movement. This is commonly called the November lull.

During this slow time it is important to remember that it is still November and a mature buck can be on his feet any day at any time. During this week of hunting remember to stay true to the tactics and strategies while having a great deal of patience for the right buck to come along


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