Trophy Pursuit S5 E22, “Early Season Honkers” | Early Season Goose Hunting


Early Season Goose Hunting

On this episode of Trophy Pursuit, team members go early season goose hunting and host Chris Dunkin takes you along as he sets up multiple Muddy Bull Box Blinds on his property. These Box Blinds offer hunting over large food sources like the AG fields shown in the video where otherwise there would be no opportunity without a tree to hang a stand on.

Muddy Bull Box Blind Review

The Muddy Bull Box Blind is the highest quality box blind on the market. See for yourself on this box blinds ability to run through a Box Blind Review Scoresheet. The Muddy Bull has all the bells and whistles a box blind could have, making it one of the nicest, quietest, and most functional box blinds in the industry.

The second half of the show devotes its time to some early season goose hunting. Team members hunt an early season food source, a cut wheat field, and find success!


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