Trophy Pursuit S5 E37, “Late Season Bucks : Part 1” | Successful Iowa Gun Hunts


Late Season Bucks: Part 1

On this episode of Trophy Pursuit, the team is successful going after late season bucks. In this episode part 1, Don Kinney (Iowa) and Taylor Quiring (Iowa) both connect on great late season bucks.

Don Kinney is hunting what most hunters consider the ultimate late season food source…standing beans! Standing beans in the late season provide deer a late season food source to concentrate on that can only be rivaled by standing corn. This point is proven as a hit-list buck makes his way out into the food source offering Don a perfect shot with the muzzleloader. This is a typical late season muzzleloader hunt in Iowa and one that will stick out forever in Don’s mind.

A couple weeks later, nearly the same hunt is replicated. Taylor Quiring climbs into a Muddy Bull Box Blind overlooking a late season food source just as Don did. This time, however, the food source take the shape of a brassica plot from ArrowSeed. The Brassica Plus food plot pulls deer into range just as the standing beans did. Taylor sat comfortably in the box blind as deer seeped out of the bedding areas into the food plot. As the evening progressed Taylor was given an opportunity and connected on a great hit-list buck chomping on brassicas.

Muddy Bull Blind


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