Trophy Pursuit S5 E21, “Part 2: Summer Preparations” | Hanging Tree Stands


Hanging Tree Stands

In the final months of summer, hunters can begin to feel the pressure! Chris and Tayler utilize their final month before deer season to begin hanging tree stands. This process can take a long time if done properly to ensure you are hanging tree stands correctly and safely. Chris and Tayler begin this process of hanging tree stands by first deciding what type of stand they want to use. Factors such as location and what trees are available should be taken into consideration.

Climbing Tree Stands

Muddy The Woodsman Climbing Tree Stand

Climbing tree stands offer a light portable tree stand, perfect for public land hunting, or for a hunter that likes to jump around.

Hang-on Tree Stands

Muddy The Vantage Point Hang-on Tree Stand

Hang-on tree stands are ideal when you need multiple stands across one or several different properties. Muddy’s new aluminum stands and climbing sticks are incredibly light, making it a portable option that could even take the place of a climber.

Ladder Stands

Muddy Boss Hawg Ladder Stand

Ladder stands are for the hunter who wishes to put up a more permanent spot. Perhaps an Arrow Seed food plot, or a great funnel that produces year after year. They are also perfect for youth hunters.

After Chris and Tayler figure out where and what tree to hang on, it comes down to figuring out the tree stand access routes and trimming shooting lanes. The tree stand’s access route and shooting lanes around the tree stand are one of the most important aspects of hanging tree stands. This still comes second to making sure the tree stand safety is in check. This means wearing your hunting safety harness and utilizing a Muddy Safeline, to ensure you are tethered from the ground to the tree stand.


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