Trophy Pursuit S5 E27, “Cold Front Movement” | October Cold Front Action


October Cold Front Action

This week the Trophy Pursuit team encounters intense action as October cold fronts pass through the Midwest. This episode starts with doe management, harvesting does as cold fronts pass through. October cold fronts increase deer movement, but early October seems to still hold reserves on mature buck movement for many hunters unless they can be patterned. This gives bow hunters a golden opportunity to harvest does and complete their doe management quota for the year. In this episode, two Trophy Pursuit team members harvest does as the cold front moves through.

This year the Muddy Pro Cam 12s have revealed a lot of critical information for the Trophy Pursuit team. With the cold fronts sweeping through, a patterned mature buck is almost guaranteed to show himself during daylight. With the right trail camera intel and weather such as a cold front moving in, the Trophy Pursuit team climbed up in the stand last week. One team member was rewarded with an unforgettable encounter with two hit-list bucks in a soybean field.

This episode goes to show you that with a pattern, an attractive food source, and an October cold front, bucks can and will be harvested in the first 2-3 weeks of October.

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