Trophy Pursuit S5 E28, “On The Board” | October Bow Hunting Success


On this week’s episode, more preparation before the upcoming weeks of deer movement, and October bow hunting success!
Chris Dunkin starts the episode off with a new hunting area he has his sights set on. For this particular spot, an elevated food plot surrounded by CRP below, Chirs decides a Muddy VS360 ground blind will work great if he can get the ground blind elevated to a point where he can see the field.



On today’s episode a very recent hunt, October 22nd, in fact, is shown to be very active for one Trophy Pursuit team member. Jacob Miner hunt in the most recent cold front that has passed over the Midwest. He is in southern Iowa hunting several mature bucks. The cold front brought with it movement out of one of Jacob’s hit-list bucks “Junior”. The encounter was filmed, but the buck stayed out of bow range unfortunately not presenting Jacob with a shot opportunity.

On the same day Greg Sieck, another Trophy Pursuit team member hunts over a great set that he killed “Boss Hog” over. The same cold front action that was experienced by Jacob brought several bucks on their feet during Greg’s afternoon hunt. One of the bucks moving during daylight just happened to be “JT”. With a cold front and quality intel off of trail cameras, October bow hunting success came just at last light.

Over the next couple of weeks, a lot more action out of the stand will be coming to you. With the pre-rut ramping up and November’s rut crazed action just ahead, the Trophy Pursuit team will be out hunting in full force.

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