Trophy Pursuit S5 E33, “Big Eights” | Late November Hunting Success


Late November Hunting Success

On this episode of Muddy’s Trophy Pursuit, team members find late November hunting success! Davey Stuckey and Kirk Hendershot find success during the same day! November 15th is right in the middle of peak breeding for most of the Midwest. This means that buck will often be either on lockdown with a doe or be right on her heels as she travels to and from bedding and food. This creates a great opening for two members of the Trophy Pursuit team!

The episode first starts off with Davey Stuckey, and an encounter with a wide 8 point buck. The hunt starts off with a first glimpse of the buck over 250 yards away. The buck then works to within bow range and makes a mistake as he walks into Davey’s shooting lane. This hunt goes to show you that anything can happen in November!

Davey had a long history with this buck as multiple years worth of trail camera photos and encounters finally ended in success. Each year the buck was captured on camera the hunters got a chance at harvesting him. Not once, but twice the deer lived through being shot. Finally, this year a well-placed shot with the Matthews bow and Dead Ringer Broadhead brought the deer down.preview-full-box-blind-review

The episode then jumps to Missouri, during the same day, Kirk Hendershot encounters a hit list buck. Its Missouris firearms season and Kirk is sitting in a box blind overlooking a big area that bucks are chasing does through constantly.


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