Trophy Pursuit S5 E34, “Youth Success” | Ohio Youth Hunting Success


Ohio Youth Hunting Success

Youth hunting success is one of the most enjoyable moments a hunter can experience with the sport! Be sure to check out next week for more deer hunting action.

Before the episode dives into the youth hunting success, Chris first discusses the Trophy Pursuit team’s plan for late season deer hunting. Two things above the rest stand out.

Trail Cameras – Chris reveals the team’s trail camera strategy for the late season. With deer and more importantly bucks flocking towards food sources, the team plans on hanging the Muddy Pro-Cam 12s on the food sources. The team will be using the time-lapse feature in order to accurately survey what deer are using the food sources during the last 2 hours of daylight.

Ground Blinds – Chris also discusses which type of hunting the team prefers for the late season. He stands next to Muddy’s Bale Blind. This blind is perfect for the late season as it allows deer to settle to its presence easily by replicating just another “piece of the farm”. By putting out bale blinds, you can not only take advantage of buffering the weather and making your sit more comfortable but get busted less as deer are extremely wary of any movement.

preview-full-box-blind-reviewThis episode also shows youth hunting success out of Ohio. Kole Justice sits with his Dad in a Muddy VS360 ground blind overlooking a corn pile. A big 6 point buck that has recently shown up on trail camera has been visiting the site frequently. This all adds up to make the perfect situation in which Kole harvests his first buck!

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