Trophy Pursuit S5 E39, | Late Season Blind Hunting


Late Season Blind Hunting

The season is coming to a close but there is still plenty of action for Muddy’s Trophy Pursuit team! In this episode Jason Bourbonnais and Mike Valliere connect with two great Iowa bucks. This episode’s content comes to you semi- live from the seat in muddy blinds. Late season blind hunting at its finest!

Up first to bat is Jason Bourbonnais. Jason has been working hard all season long to finally make the late season pay off. Standing beans, Muddy trail cameras, and two Muddy Bale blinds sitting at each end of the plot create a recipe for success!

With the trail cameras feeding Jason valuable intel from countless time-lapse pictures, Jason is educated on making good moves, and 3 hunts in, he finally connects on the buck he calls “Beams”.

Muddy VS360 Ground Blind

Next, Mike Valliere and Chad Lathrop finally make headway on their quest to bring down “High Roller”. With nasty winter weather in store for the hunt. Mike and Chad take to the Muddy Bull box blind for the comfort.


This is exactly how late season blind hunting should work. With trail cameras supplying info, blinds for multiple wind directions, late season food sources ready, and cold temps arriving, the hunt stacks perfectly for both Jason and Mike.

With plenty of bucks hitting the ground in the late season, there is still plenty of action coming soon from Trophy Pursuit Be sure not to miss the action and stay up to date with muddy TV and the Trophy Pursuit team by visiting Muddy TV. Also be sure to check in every week for new hunting tips, tactics, and strategies at Muddy’s Blog.


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