Trophy Pursuit S5 Ep42 | Late Season Second Chances in the Bale Blind


Second Chances in the Late Season | Bale Blind Hunt

Late season hunting is often regarded as the best chance to kill a mature buck. It also happens to be the season of second chances! This was the case for the season of Jen Sieck. A season of frustrations during the rut led to a bit of second chance/revenge hunting. Luckily, the late season offers the opportunities hunters need when seeking a second chance.

This story starts all the way back in the summer like most do. Greg and Jen set out Muddy Pro-Cam 12s throughout the summer over food plots and monster meal sites. This created an inventory of hit-list bucks to go after once the season started. On their list was “Houdini”, “GB”, ”Gimpy”, and “Edward” and throughout the season it seemed these bucks showed themselves off and on. One encounter with “GB” set the tone for the late season…revenge. With the frustration to follow after the unfortunate meeting with “GB”, Jen was hopeful that the late season would present another opportunity as it often does.

With Greg backing Jen, all bets rested upon a late season bale blind hunt over an Arrow Seed Food Plot. The hit-list buck named “Edward” showed himself often during early December. This set the stage for a late season muzzleloader hunt that ended in success!

Muddy VS360 Ground Blind

The Trophy Pursuit team has had an exceptional late season this year. We still have more hunts to show in the upcoming episodes. To see these episodes and more videos like these deer hunting videos, visit Muddy TV. Also be sure to check in every week for new hunting tips, tactics, and strategies at Muddy’s Blog.


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