Trophy Pursuit S6 Ep3 | Muddy Blinds and Turkey Reaping, Episode 3


Turkey Reaping With a Bow, Episode 3

For episode 3 of Trophy Pursuit’s turkey camp, we start off at camp and end on a hunt that happened just a few short days ago. In this episode, you will follow along with Justin Rumple and Greg Sieck as they fill tags at close range out of their Muddy ground blinds. Then the action really kicks off as Cody Bisher reaps a big tom up close and personal with his Mathews Halon 32!

Turkey reaping with a bow is no easy feat, add rain, and a soaked corn field into the mix and you have got a tough challenge. Turkey hunting from the comfort of a ground blind is the usual rule of thumb when bow hunting turkeys but Cody Bisher had different plans. With the massive amounts of rain in the Midwest and with limited time, Cody decided that turkey reaping with a bow might be his best bet for quick success!

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