Trophy Pursuit S5 E38, “Sticking It Out” | Late Season Deer Hunting Success


Late Season Deer Hunting Success

On this episode of Trophy Pursuit, members of the team find late season deer hunting success by sticking it out until the end! As late season deer hunting comes to a close, a hunter’s chance for success increases every day. As the season inches closer and closer to ending each day, a deer’s reliance on late season food sources grows. By the end of the season, body conditions, food availability, hunting pressure, and dropping temperatures all come together to force a bucks hand. This creates the opportunity the trophy pursuit team has been waiting for, including Cody Bonner.

Cody picks to hunt out of a Muddy Bale Blind over both turnips and cut corn, both food sources that have the potential to pull bucks out in daylight. The bale blind provides the reliability and hunting benefits of a ground blind, but with the power of looking like another piece of farm equipment. Deer allow bale blinds into their surroundings and forgive its presence more quickly than a regular ground blind. Cody exploited this characteristic!


Cody connects on a great Iowa buck when an opportunity presents itself over the cut corn. Cody capitalized on the chance and as a result, rewards his hard work and time that he put in.

Cody is not the only Trophy Pursuit team member that found late season deer hunting success! An impressive amount of bucks were killed by the team in the late season. Be sure not to miss the action and stay up to date with muddy TV and the Trophy Pursuit team by visiting Muddy TV. Also be sure to check in every week for new hunting tips, tactics, and strategies at Muddy’s Blog.


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