Trail Camera Tips For The Rut | Week 5 “Oct 31st- Nov 6th” Trail Cameras Weekly


Trail Camera Tips For The Rut

Things are really starting to pick up for hunters during this first week of November. Bucks are moving in daylight, they are becoming more expansive in their home ranges, they are checking, bumping, and chasing does. This is the first week of November stands to be one of the best times to kill your mature hit-list buck. Trail cameras often go unused during this time with all the action, but with these trail camera tips, you can make the most out of all the upcoming deer movement and the rut!

What you start seeing this week that changes from last week are mock scrapes and their action are starting to wane off. Right now the first does are coming into estrous, and the majority are soon to follow as peak breeding for each state draws near.

As those first does start coming in and the bucks find those does, they really do not need to concern themselves with mock scrapes or scrapes anymore, and as a result, it calls for a switch in trail camera tactics.  As October gives way into November, you have the need for trail camera tips specific for the pre-rut and rut. What I typically start seeing is increased traffic in the obvious areas does are in. Mainly around bedding areas and food sources, with a lot of foot traffic in transition areas and funnels. Where the does are, you will find the bucks. And that has a lot of truth to it, but you need a mature buck known in the area to really be confident in your hunting spot.

Muddy Trail Camera Pro-Cam12

What I like to do during this time is simply change up everything about my trail cameras but really not rely heavily upon the information. You have to think of this time as bucks having no borders for them home range, they end up covering more ground for longer periods of time, which can completely change what you perceived about the bucks. You have to go with solid tactics and trail camera tips, which are placing trail cameras on food sources, by bedding areas being reasonable with human pressure, and of course on funnels!

One important takeaway in this trail camera tips video, is that there comes a point to where your simply not going to get the bucks that are actually on your property on your trail cameras, whether they avoid them or only happen travel where your cameras are not, there just has to be an understanding that deer movement is not always on camera. I see a lot of hunters go wrong with trail camera settings during this time of year, and it’s a really pain to see but if there was ever a time where trail camera settings were vital to hunting success…It would be now.

With the movement and deer behavior the way it is, meaning you could have one doe run by and 3-4 bucks chasing her, you need to have your trail cameras ready to pick up that intel. Otherwise, you’ve received 3 pictures of a doe, and no pictures of the buck depending on delay or mode of the camera. I think this time of year really highlights some of the main features of the Muddy trail cameras, specifically the pro cam 12. The camera has a lot of features that I don’t see on other cameras, and it really shines during the rut when the settings are needed. In particular the number of photos it can take and the video length. If you’re a photo person then they have the option to have a 8 photo burst, if you’re a video guy like me, there is an option for 2-minute video which again works perfectly for the rut as they can capture what is really happening in the woods. The 8 photo bursts and long video mode makes it possible to capture chasing, or a buck or several bucks, moving through the area.

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