White Gold | Best Places to find Shed Antlers “Ep.3”


Best Places to find Shed Antlers

If you’re a deer hunter or any kind of outdoors-lover, you’re probably racking up some miles on your boots right about now in the pursuit of shed antlers. Why wouldn’t you? It’s a warmer-than-average winter in many parts of the country, the snow has mostly melted, and it’s the perfect time to get out there and check the woods. With everything you can learn about the deer you hunt or the habitat you hunt them in, shed hunting can be a great learning opportunity. But while everyone is consumed with the idea of looking for these magical shed antlers, they often get confused about where to look for shed antlers. It can be really intimidating if you own a very large property or look primarily on vast public lands; where do you even begin to search for something so small in an area so big? It feels like looking for an actual needle in a haystack after a while.


In this video, Weston Schrank and Brett Moore walk you through the places where they recently found 5 shed antlers in just a few short hours. These areas included:


  • Bedding areas
  • Food sources
  • Transition areas

Check out the whole blog here:

Top 6 Best Places to Find Sheds


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