Whitetail 101 S1 E6, “Defining The Range” | Defining a Buck’s Home Range


As deer season is just around the corner, Bill Winke begins to take running his trail cameras very seriously in order to start the process of defining a buck’s home range. Bill is using the Muddy Pro Cam 12s this year. He installed 6 of these trail cameras on his property and was stunned to see the results of just a few short weeks’ worth of intel. In the short amount of time, Bill discovers he has 4 great bucks patterned on the trail cameras.

Muddy Trail Camera Pro-Cam12

The second phase of running trail cameras this fall is defining a buck’s home range as Bill discusses. From the trail camera site he catches the buck on, Bill begins to place a ring of trail cameras 100 yards out from the first site in order to better understand the dynamics of the buck’s home range.

At the same time, trail cameras become very important, summer food sources are starting to dwindle. Soybeans, a critical early season food source, are starting to turn yellow. As this happens, it signals when most bucks shift their home ranges. This must be taken into account around the time deer season starts. During this time you will see bucks disappear, and new bucks appear and stay on your property.


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