Whitetail 101 S1 E5, “Casting the Net” | Finding a Buck’s Fall Range


In a past episode of Whitetail 101, “Season Transition” How to pattern a Buck, bill talked about the specifics of how we pattern mature whitetails and sets up his season around the trail camera info he receives. Built upon the principals of that episode, Bill now discusses how and why he sets up trail cameras in an attempt into finding a buck’s fall range.

Use a Pro-Cam 12 for Finding a Buck’s Fall Range

There are two scenarios or trail camera sites you can set up in order to find a bucks fall range. The first one, Bill explains is a trail camera site over bait. This is usually in the form of corn like he uses in the video or a trophy rock over the summer. The second is using a trail camera over a mock scrape. While using a trail camera over a mock scrape isn’t as fast as using corn, it does produce results without coming into potential complications for bait use in certain states. Both trail cameras over bait sites, or over mock scrapes can be great locations for finding a buck’s fall range in September and October.


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